• We do not allow photography on the farm. Please do not come to the farm to take photos.

How To Pay For Your Christmas Tree

Paying For Your Christmas Tree

At Peltzer Pines, we only accept cash or check. Our farm doesn’t have access to wifi, so we can’t process credit cards.

We do have an ATM on-site if you forget to bring cash or a check. The ATM will come with the usual fees, so it’s always best to come prepared. When you find the tree you want, pull the tag off  and bring it to the cashier. We will happily process your payment and give you a receipt. You can come back later to have your tree cut, but it must be paid for that same day you pull the tag. Our friendly staff are more than happy to help assist you in any way.

We do not deliver trees, but if you ask one of our staff, they may know a company who does.

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Tree Tags - Choosing Your Tree

All of our trees have tags attached to them with an ID code and the price. When you find the tree you want, simply detach the tag and bring it to the front to pay. All trees must be paid for in advance. If you take a tag off and leave without paying for it, the tag will be replaced and it becomes available for purchase. You do not have to have your tree cut in advance, just give us the tag, pay for it, and we will hold it for you.

Many tags are taken off trees by people wanting to “hold” several trees and choose later. This does not work. We go back through the trees and retag every tree that was not paid for that day. So, we ask you to please not remove a tag if you do not intend to buy it the same day.