• We do not allow photography on the farm. Please do not come to the farm to take photos.

You have questions, we have answers!
This frequently asked questions page will tell you all you need to know about Peltzer Pines and the upcoming season.
You can also reach us at (714) 649-9251

Purchase Questions


Can I pay with a credit card?
Sorry, we do not take credit cards, but we do accept checks. We also have an ATM on-site for your convenience.


When is the last day I can purchase a tree?
The last day to purchase a tree is December 20


Can I purchase my tree but wait to pick it up?
Yes, you are welcome to choose a tree and pick up anytime before December 20.


How do I know which trees are available?
White tagged trees with prices printed on them are for sale.  Trees with a red tag are sold.  Trees with no tags are not on-sale this year, they need a little more growing time and will be available the next year.


How much do the trees cost?
Trees start at $60 and are priced according to size and quality.  For more on pricing, check out our page Choosing A Tree.



How can I pay for my tree?
You can pay with a check, and there is an ATM located on-site for your convenience. Sorry, we can not accept credit cards.  Be sure to detach the lower part of your tree tag and bring it up to the cashier when ready to pay.


Do you offer refunds?
Sorry, we do not offer refunds.  If there is a problem with your tree, please contact us before December 20 and we’ll surely help. You may also call 714.649.9251.


What do I need to do to come back and pick up my tree?
Please bring both copies of your sales receipt.  You can give it to the cutters when they are available.


Do we have to make a reservation to pick out a tree?
Nope!  Just come on down to the farm during normal business hours.  You can choose any available tree and make your purchase.


I want to go on opening day!  What should I know?
We always have quite a large crowd on opening day.  Lines can begin forming at 5am. Please do not remove tags on multiple trees in order to compare and make a decision later. This is not fair to the rest of our customers and causes confusion regarding which trees are available.


If we can’t come on opening day, can we come earlier?
Sorry, we can’t allow anyone on the farm before opening day. We have quite a lot of trees to choose from that will be available after the opening day rush.

I see professional photos taken on the farm, can I do that?
All professional photographers booked their sessions far in advance, provided liability insurance and held sessions before the season opened. There are only a few spots open, and we rarely have openings. There is no professional photography allowed during the holiday season. Any photos you see posted were likely taken in the summer. Please do not come to the farm with professional equipment to take photos. You are free to take fun, casual photos with your phone or small camera. Please do not stage anything with props, etc.

Tree Questions


What kind of trees do you have at your farm?
We grow Monterey Pines and Leyland Cypress. We do not have Douglas Fir or Noble.


Where can I find instructions on how to care for my tree?
Instructions on picking up your tree are printed on the back of the tree tag.  You can also learn more about caring for your tree here.


Can I cut down my own tree?
Our trained cutters will take care of getting your tree cut and ready to go.  Please do not bring your own saw, we have plenty and can’t let customers do it themselves due to safety and liability concerns.


Do you shake out your trees?
No, we don’t, we don’t have a shaker.  We do recommend shaking your tree before bringing it into your house.


Do you wrap the trees in netting?
No, we don’t.  We will assist in placing your tree on top of your car to ensure it is in good shape when you arrive home.


Do you flock?
No, we do not flock our trees.


Do you carry tree stands?
Yes, we have a great tree stand with a bucket that holds plenty of water.


How long will my tree last?
A fresh cut tree should last 4-5 weeks after being cut as long as it is properly taken care of.  The most important part of making your tree last is to get it in water immediately after cutting.  View more about taking care of your tree.


When is the best time to take my tree home?
This is really up to you, we see most trees going home around December 1st.


Will you put my stand on my tree?
If you purchase one of Peltzer Pines’s tree stands, we would be happy to put it on for you.  We are unable to put any other kind of tree stand on. Please note: tree stands can only be attached to trees that will be transported inside a car. We can not attach stands to trees that will be attached to the outside (top) of your vehicle.


Can you spray the tree with fire retardant?
Yes, we can. Please request and purchase this service at the time you pay for your tree. We will need 24 hours to allow your tree to fully dry.

Farm Questions


Can I take photos at the farms?
We are sorry, but we can not allow professional photos to be taken on the farm once the season begins. Reesrvations for professional sessions were available, but are now sold out. You are welcome to take quick casual photos with your phone, but no props or set ups are allowed.


Are you open on Thanksgiving?
No, we are closed on Thanksgiving, but open at 9am the day after (black Friday).


Why do you close at 4:00pm?
Unfortunately, by 4:00pm the sun has almost gone down and we do not have lighting at the farm.  We can’t cut trees in the dark. Our staff needs time to prepare for the next day.

Can I bring my dog?
Absolutely, dogs are part of the family.  We do ask that you keep your dog on a leash at all times, and be sure to clean up after them.

Do we have to pay to park?
Parking is absolutely free.

Do you have a bathroom on-site?
Yes, we have portable bathrooms available.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
This is a true farm, so the ground is uneven and is covered in wood chips with other naturally occurring debris.  We highly recommend closed-toed shoes.

Can our children run around the farm?
We love for your kids to have a great time, just be sure you are supervising them at all times. Our farm is quite large and we want to ensure safety for your family as well as others.

Please, no professional photography is allowed.