• We do not allow photography on the farm. Please do not come to the farm to take photos.

Live Christmas Tree Farm

Making Memories Since 1963


Sorry friends, you can’t cut down your own tree  – liability and safety. Please leave your saws at home.

For generations, Peltzer Pines Christmas tree farms have grown gorgeous Monterey Pine and Leyland Cypress trees. We offer acres of space for you to find the perfect Christmas tree this season. All of our trees are uncut so you get the opportunity to choose your very own tree and have it cut right there on the spot. We can even help you cut it yourself. You won’t find a fresher tree, or a more memorable experience anywhere else. Please note our Brea location has closed – our lease was not renewed by the land owner. The Silverado Canyon location is open and we look forward to seeing you next year.

We are closed for the season! See you next year

Thank you all for coming to our farm

Reminder: We only accept cash or check (it’s an internet issue – we don’t like it either). We do have an ATM on-site if you forget, but its no fun paying those extra fees, so it’s definitely best to come prepared!

Brea Tree Farm

Friends…. we are sorry to say our lease on the Brea location was not renewed by the land owner. The Brea locations will be permanently closed.

Thank you to everyone who visited our Brea farm over these past decades,we are truly grateful and will miss you all dearly.

Silverado Tree Farm

7851 Blackstar Canyon Road
Silverado, CA 92676

Please note, we do not allow professional photography during our sales season.
Reservations for professional photography at the Silverado location are limited.
To be added to the waiting list, email peltzerpinesphotography@gmail.com