Sorry friends, we are all booked up for the
2018 season!

We have some of the most beautiful landscape in Southern California, perfect for holiday photos. Sessions available from now – November 16th only.

In order to serve our customers, and help keep things running smoothly, all photographers must have a reservation before entering either farm property. The site fee is $75 for 2 hours. Proof of liability insurance (with Peltzer Pines listed as additional insured) is required.

Photographer Checklist

We are booked for the 2018 photography season.

Sessions Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 1 – November 16

• Choose the day you would like, sessions available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Sorry, farm maintenance days are Tuesday and Thursday, we cannot schedule any sessions on these days!
• We have a max booking per day, so please be sure to check the dates on the reservation form for dates that are already booked.
• Provide proof of liability insurance with Peltzer Pines listed as additional insured
• Provide $75 site fee (2 hours) payable via cash or PayPal, sorry no credit card accepted
• Take beautiful and memorable photos
• Tag us in your social media posts, because we absolutely love what you do!

Please be respectful of the Peltzer Pines photography policy and do not take photos on-site without permission. We really appreciate your cooperation.

All sessions are booked for the 2018 season.

Please, no professional photos are allowed.